Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Cleaning coffee maker: Pour straight vinegar into it as if you are making the coffee, no filter is needed....

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tips

Use crumpled up black and white newspaper dipped in vinegar to wash windows.

Laundry Room Cleaning Tips

To remove perspiration stains in clothing, soak in warm vinegar and water.



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We use only Rainbow Vacuum Systems, an expensive and extremely efficient product which removes dirt, dust, mites, and disposes into a water canister. The Rainbow vacuum and air purifying system completely removes these agents from your home. It is the only system in the world that does so!
The air is left refreshingly clean, along with the carpets and floor. Finally, there is no mess due to bags being opened or discarded in your home.
   The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is one of the world's best air purifiers.

Our cleaning products are friendly to the environment. This does more than help our earth. This leaves your home chemical-free!

Who We Serve
Homeowners, Condominium Associations, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers, Vacation Home Rentals,         Apartment and House Renters, Business Owners, Landlords and Investor.

  • We are reliable and prompt.

  • We Provide all of our own cleaning equipment and supplies.

  • We do not charge for our cleaning supplies or materials.

  • Our team cleaning system enables us to do complete and thorough work in the shortest time period.

  • We enjoy a low turnover rate with our employees.

  • They stay with us, although the industry is not known for long term employees.

  • We provide initial and continuous professional training for our employees.

  • We pay all applicable taxes (including Industrial Insurance)

We assess your house cleaning needs discuss our methods, prices, cleaning products and provide you a no obligation estimate We can customize an affordable cleaning package designed to meet your cleaning needs of property managers, landlords, renters realtors, and renters.

House Cleaning Needs 

Sound Cleaning specializes in house cleaning services for rental property owners, realtors, tenants and property managers.
If you are in need of affordable, professional and quality sound detailed house cleaning maid services contact us TODAY. We provide each client with quality sound services every time we enter their home, office or place of business!

Move In Move Out Cleans
Sound Cleaning also provides affordable move in move out services. If you are a new home owner or tenant in the process of moving and need help with the burden of moving, let us here at Sound handle your cleaning chores!  Out team can handle every aspect of your move in, move out cleaning needs for your home, apartment, condo and place of business.
Our services are available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time cleans.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Our apartment cleaning also includes condos, high rise apartments, dorm rooms, townhouses...

Post Construction Job Site Cleanup

We understand all the hard work that went into the construction of your new home, place of business or even a remodeling job. Sound will take care of the rest of the hard work needed in cleaning to details to assure your new home, office or place of business is cleaned exceeding satisfaction and guaranteeing to have your new place ready for occupancy or business and completing your project on time.
Regardless if your a contractor, property manager or homeowner and in need of 16 plus years experienced company to clean up a major construction site.

Contractors count on and trust Sound Cleaning to clean up before and after their construction projects, remodeling or building your new home. We know how important it is for the area to be clean for ongoing construction, inspections, lease or for sale.

Clean construction areas are safer for workers, and make construction projects more efficient.